Construction administration for the new Columbia Business School in Manhattan, New York City. 
The new facilities develop in 492,000 square feet across two buildings and will create multifunctional spaces that foster a sense of community. Between the two buildings will be the largest planned open area in phase 1 of construction—an approximately 40,000-square-foot area known as The Square. The building’s internal spaces are organized around two distinct networks that foster informal interaction between the student and faculty of the school. Each network is a combination of circulation routes, lounge spaces, dining facilities and study rooms that facilitate planned and unplanned interaction 24 hours a day. Where these networks meet the landscape at the street-level urban layer, major public spaces are established: in one building, a two-story, urban-scale living room, and in the other, a terraced interior space that doubles as a 300-seat large conference space.
Role: Construction Administration • Member of a 9 person team.
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