The offices are arranged in a ring around a central court, which contains meticulously groomed gardens as well as some public parts of the program, including a press center and auditorium. A gourmet restaurant replaces the traditional office cafeteria, and much of the ground floor is given over to an immense data center, capable of processing the enormous complexity the changing business of finance. Most visitors arrive at the project by bus from a transit center, removing security and traffic from the building. VIPs have a separate entrance. As a symbol for the project, the tower proved to be an important design component for the project. Meant to house conference rooms and offices for VIP tenants, as well as event facilities, the tower provides both a symbol for the new district and, from inside, an overview of the financial campus, the leisure facilities and ocean club, and residential areas to come.
Role: BIM modeling and Construction Documents • Member of a 10-person team.

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