Project Management for The Bronx River House, headquarters of the Bronx River Alliance.
The project is a LEED Platinum building where photovoltaic arrays are anticipated to supply 100% of the energy demand through on-site solar energy generation. The 7,000 sf structure includes a boat house, an office area, a nature classroom and multipurpose community room. The building was awarded the NYC Public Design Commission Award and has been featured in the New York Times. The project uses a number of energy efficiency strategies, including a 48kW photovoltaic system, a highly insulated envelope, extensive daylighting, seasonally shaded vine screen and a ground source heat pump with radiant floor heating. All the rainwater from the project will be captured, treated and used on site. A screen wall made of galvanized steel mesh wraps around the building. The seasonal vines create a favorable microclimate that significantly lower the air temperature around the building envelope in the hot months.
Role: Project Management • Member of a 2-person team.
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